Virtual Data Protection Officer Services

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) necessitates the appointment of Data Protection Officers (DPO) for organisations that handle and process substantial volumes of personal data belonging to EU citizens. However, it is unlikely that most small-to-medium-sized businesses across Europe will require a DPO on a full-time basis.

Six Degrees provides an outsourced solution in the form of a Virtual Data Protection Officer (VDPO), offering a cost-effective and flexible alternative to employing a full-time DPO. Clients subscribing to our VDPO service gain access to a remote Data Protection Officer who is equipped to manage any GDPR compliance and regulatory issues. Our VDPO ensures continuous compliance and guarantees that your company benefits from the highest level of expertise, updated in real-time.

Our Services

Our team of certified virtual data protection officers can execute all the necessary DPO tasks as per GDPR regulations, including:

  • Educating your organisation and its employees about their obligations under the GDPR
  • Overseeing your organisation’s compliance with the GDPR and your own data protection policies and procedures, including audits, training, staff-awareness, and the assignment of data protection responsibilities
  • Advising on and supervising high-risk processing and the associated data protection impact assessment (“DPIA”) obligations under the GDPR
  • Collaborating with the Data Protection Commission (“DPC”)
  • Serving as your organisation’s primary contact point with the DPC for all data protection matters, including reporting and consultation on data breaches and DPIAs
  • Assessing your data protection risks


The Six Degrees VDPO outsourcing solution offers flexible access to fully qualified Data Protection experts, guiding your organisation through the intricacies of maintaining GDPR compliance.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing your DPO requirements to Six Degrees is a cost-effective method of managing your compliance obligations. Our packages are customised to suit your budget, providing a solution at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time DPO.


The Six Degrees VDPO service assists you in navigating daily compliance obligations and conducting periodic data protection auditing and reporting. Our engagements can be scaled up or down to adapt to new challenges and opportunities as your organisation evolves.

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